In 1991, Timberland LLC was formed to market products in a more efficient manner. As the co-owner and managing Director, Mohamed Abdulla Bin Fahad began to find other lumber and flooring mills that paid great attention to detail and produced quality products, Timberland gradually began to purchase all of its lumber already kiln-dried.
By 2000, Timberland, LLC had grown to the point that a new building and additional machinery were needed to provide faster and more precise output to its customers. A new millworks building was put up and growth continues today.  
Timberland Company continues to grow. After the original addition in 2004, two more additions have been integrated into the original building. Timberland has now grown from a small business,  into a great competitor in the hardwood lumber, flooring, and millworks industry in not only UAE, but the entire Arabian Gulf Region. The goal of Timberland continues to focus on providing excellent service and maintaining quality products at a reasonable price for Gulf Region.