Pallets and Skids Built to Meet Transport Standard

Whether you’re looking for pallets, bases, skids, in UAE, turn to Timberland LLC. We have a team of timber packaging professionals who can customize wooden pallets to meet your specifications accurately. If you’re unsure what type of custom pallet or bases you’ll need, look at the examples below and give one of our friendly staff a call. We will discuss your options and the most appropriate solution for you.

Custom-made timber pallets come with top boards, bearers, and bottom boards. Pallets are available with either 2-way or 4-way entry.

We also produce:

  • Recycled/Used Skids
  • Customized Wooden Crates and Boxes, ranging from 6’’ to 70’ 
  • Pallet Collars
  • Mulch
  • Animal Bedding & Sawdust