Timberland LLC produces economic and environmentally friendly products made from natural fibers.
- Shavings for animal bedding, bagged or bulk
- Pelleted animal bedding
- Fuel pellets for clean, efficient heat                                         
- Wood flour/fiber filler                                             


Good quality animal bedding is essential for maintaining the health of valuable animals. Timberland LLC animal bedding is manufactured using rigorous quality control standards. Our bedding is made from 100% virgin wood particles from only Timberland -approved mills. Shavings have a moisture content of 10% or less and screened to limit as much dust as possible to promote animal respiratory health. The final product is of consistently high quality, compressed to tightly fill plastic bags for maximum product density and easy handling.

Our fine wood shavings have a high level of absorption and a low level of humidity. Our wood shaving animal bedding is greatly appreciated by dairy farmers, and cows alike

Our medium/coarse wood shavings come from soft wood to assure the comfort of your animals. It is greatly appreciated by horses, chickens, turkeys and calfs.